Visiting Britain and want to see as much as possible?

Visiting Britain and want to see as much as possible?

One of the questions we are most asked is by people who have limited time visiting Britain; who want to see as much as possible of London and other cities and also as much as possible of the rest of England, Scotland and Wales, plus sometimes a trip over to Ireland.

How is the best way to do this?

Well the simple answer it is about balance of time and the single biggest mistake is to dedicate too much time to London and not enough time to the rest. London is a magnificent city, but most of the classic landmarks can bee seen in a day and there are excellent tours that include all and are far better value than visiting separately. Please see below with some ideas.

This can be topped up with an evening at the theater and dinner, which combined with the day tour will leave you feeling you have achieved much and had a full flavor of London. Some will find this enough, other may wish to add on one or more days to visit museums and galleries and experience more night life, but if you have say 11 days to play with, then just 3 in London will work and then 8 touring Britain will achieve much.

What is the most visited London Attraction?

Tower of London

Seeing the Crown Jewels – Enjoy the spectacular display of the Crown Jewels, revealing these priceless treasures like never before. The Crown Jewels, part of the Royal Collection and still regularly used by The Queen, include some of the most extraordinary diamonds in the world.

Please email for Tower of London tours, including an option for a private visit when the Tower is closed to see the crown jewels and avoid the queues.

To continue reading ‘Crown Jewels’ see the Official Tower of web-site

Click here to avoid the queues for advanced Tower of London entry tickets

Tower of London, UK

Tower of London

What is the best way to see as much of the rest of Britain and possibly Ireland in 7 days?

By far the best value is an organised tour that includes accommodation, meals and entrance costs (avoid queues on the day). There are a number of excellent options for these types of tour and we have found two outstanding 7 day options, one that includes England, Scotland and Wales and another that also includes Ireland – all in 7 days! Please see below for more information.

What is the most visited out of London Attraction?


The first major construction at Stonehenge was a circular ditch, with an internal bank and a smaller external bank, built about 3000 BC. Today the ditch and inner bank are visible as low earthworks in the grass, but the outer bank has largely been ploughed away. The ditch on the eastern side is deeper because this half was excavated in the 1920s.

The best value way to see Stonehenge from London is by organised tour and here are some Stonehenge Tours Examples.

To continue reading about ‘Stonehenge’ see the Official Stonehenge web-site

Fotolia Stonehenge 1

If I book say a 8 day tour of Britain, can I add on 1 or more days in London?

Yes of course and here are two great suggestions that can have 1,2,3 or more London days added on:

8 Day England and Scotland Heritage

8 Day Britain and Ireland Highlights

Touring Britain Highlights – Scotland

Traditional scottish bagpiper in full dress code at Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven

Other Tour Suggestions

London Tours

Out of London Tours

Small Group Tours

Best Value Tours

Other Useful Links


Attractions and Tickets



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Do any tours still run to Hampton Court?

Do any tours still run to Hampton Court?

This is a question we are often asked and the answer sadly is not many, indeed we only know of one that visits this magnificent Tudor Palace and please see below for further details and also another way to get to Hampton Court if no tour dates work for you.

Hampton Court Palace

The first tenant we know much about was the courtier Giles Daubeney, who took out a lease on the property in 1494. Daubeney was on the way up (he became Lord Chamberlain to King Henry VII the following year), and needed a house close to London.

The area around Hampton was also becoming more popular with the royal family as Henry VII set about rebuilding the royal lodgings at Sheen as Richmond Palace.

Daubeney’s choice of Hampton Court was rewarded by a series of visits from the royal family. Henry VII and his queen stayed there on a number of occasions and seem to have particularly favoured Daubeney’s country residence as a peaceful retreat away from their London homes at Westminster and the Tower of London.

Little is known about Daubeney’s Hampton Court, but the value of the property increased considerably during his short tenure (he died in 1508). But any improvements Daubeney made were quickly eclipsed by the ambitions of Hampton Court’s next occupant, Thomas Wolsey…… extract from the official Hampton Court website

To continue reading

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace and its fabulous grounds parks and flowers

Another way to visit 

Whilst tours are very limited there is good news as Hampton Court is just a 36 min train journey from London Waterloo and once there you just cross the bridge and you will be at the Palace Gates. You will also find below a link for advanced tickets which is always a good idea to avoid queues when there.

Here is the link for National Rail Enquiries where you will find all the information you need, please do note though, be careful to pick the train that does not require a change of trains, you want the 0 changes direct train.

Here is the Tour we found:

Hampton Court and Windsor Tour

Other useful links:

Beat the queues Hampton Court tickets

Best Value Tours

Out of London Tours

London Tours

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Can I get a day tour to Windsor by train instead of coach?

Can I get a day tour to Windsor by train instead of coach?

This is a regularly asked question for those who do not travel well on coaches, or prefer the added comfort and scenic views by rail. Good news, yes there is is an excellent train tour that visits Windsor, includes entrance to Windsor Castle and also an excellent Open Top Bus Tour of the town. Please see below for more details.

Windsor Castle viewed along Long Walk in Windsor Great Park in E

Website logo

Windsor Castle

No trip to Windsor could possibly be complete without a visit to amazing Windsor Castle, the family home to British kings and queens for over 1,000 years.

The size of the Castle (5 hectares/13 acres) is breath taking, in fact it is the largest and oldest occupied Castle in the world and it’s where Her Majesty The Queen chooses to spend most of her private weekends.

You might even time your visit when she is in residence!  Look at the flag flying from the Castle’s Round Tower; if it’s the Royal Standard The Queen will be there too.

Windsor Castle offers something for everyone, and with so many areas to explore please allow at least 21/2 to 3 hours to see it all.

To continue reading find this at the Official Windsor Tourist Site

GT Open Top Bus

Here is the tour we found

Day Trip to Windsor and Castle by Rail plus Open Top Bus Tour

Other useful links

London Tours

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Best Value Tours

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Valentines Day Ideas

We are at that time of year again when mainly gentlemen are looking for something special and unique to impress the ladies and we are asked every year have we got any suggestions.

Well yes we have, we think we have found a delightful day out on a vintage Pullman train, touring stunning rural locations whist being served Champagne and an amazing 5 course lunch, please see the bottom of this blog for more details and good luck chaps charming your special lady and ladies have a lovely time being spoiled.

Vintage Pullman Train, sister to The Orient Express

Extract from The Pullman Society ….

Many cars survive in preservation, most notably on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express mainline operation, but also on the various preserved railways up and down the country such as the Bluebell Railway, Kent & East Sussex Railway and North Yorkshire Moors Railway, who operate Pullman dining trains.

For further reading see The Pullman Society website


National Railway Museum

You may also be interested in a visit to the National Railway Museum where vintage Pullman trains can be seen

Here is the excellent tour we found:

Champagne and Fine Dining Lunch on Board Luxury Vintage Pullman Train


Other Valentine Day ideas:

Special Valentines River Cruise with Champagne Dinner

Other useful links:

Best Value Tours

London Tours

Out of London Tours



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What’s hot in Great Britain for 2016

Best Value U.K Sightseeing Tours

It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to travel plans and exciting new adventures. Tudor cottages where Shakespeare lived, resplendent English gardens, and hilltop Welsh castles could all be on your travel horizon. Get the low-down on what you can’t miss in Britain in 2016:

Discover Shakespeare Lives

Mary Arden's House, Stratford upon Avon

With 2016 marking the 400th anniversary of the great Bard’s death, get into the Tudor spirit and experience Shakespeare in Britain this year. In the pretty town of Stratford-upon-Avon you can visit remarkable sights like his birthplace, while in London you can see his plays how they were meant to be seen – in the Globe Theatre.

We’re offering you the chance to win an amazing trip to Britain taking in key Shakespeare sights in London and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Coming up roses

The garden at Powis Castle

There can be no other country in the world that boasts so many beautiful gardens open to visitors and so…

View original post 145 more words

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Bruges Belgium Chocolate Museum Tours

For lovers of Belgium Chocolate a visit to London is never complete without a quick Eurostar journey to the stunning and quaint city of Bruges including a visit to the World Famous Choco Story – The Chocolate Museum.

We are often asked if we can find a suitable overnight tour to this lovely elegant city and are pleased to say yes, we have found a great value tour, please see below for details.


Discovering Bruges

There are places that somehow manage to get under your skin, even though you don’t really know them all that well. Bruges is that kind of place. A warm and friendly place, a place made for people. A city whose history made it great, resulting in a well-deserved classification as a Unesco World Heritage site   ……. for further reading go to the official Bruges Tourist Site
Choco Story Bruge
Here is the great overnight Bruges Tour we found:
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Touring Scotland Train v Plane

On any trip to Great Britain an absolutely not too be missed corner is magnificent Scotland. Steeped in history; its boast a glorious ancient capital Edinburgh, beautiful Loch and Glens, the stunning Highlands and an array of enchanting Islands.

Scotland is one of the most visited parts of the UK and a question we are always asked is am I better taking an all inclusive tour from London by train, or better off making my own way to Edinburgh or Glasgow by plane or train and commencing a tour from one of those locations. Well the simple answer is both have attractive features.

Dornie, view of the castle, Eilean Donan Castle

 Eilean Donan Castle


For those where time is no object, then the leisurely train journey is charming and scenic, or alternatively there is the overnight sleeper option where you can enjoy dinner and a great nights sleep.


Flights from London only take about an hour and less from regional airports so this is a quick and easy way to reach Scotland and is often cheaper than the train.

Overnight in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Both

Certainly it is well worth a day and overnight stay in both these magnificent historic cities.

3 Day Tour from London

There are excellent 3 day tours from London including train, Edinburgh and a trip to the highlands, plus all accommodation, please see blow a great example.

Day or 2 to 28 day extended tours from Edinburgh and Glasgow

Very popular is the 3 day option from Edinburgh or Glasgow to Loch Ness, the Highlands and the amazing Isle of Skye (please find link below), or you can choose to take extra days exploring the rest of Scotland, islands and famous Whiskey Tours.

Edinburgh Castle3

Looking up the hill at Edinburgh Castle

Further information – Official Scotland Tourist Board

Discover Scotland

From magnificent city landmarks to mysterious ruins, Scotland is renowned for its iconic castles. Whether you are looking to explore the largest in the country, follow a regional trail or seek out those hidden gems, there is plenty of history to uncover as each castle has a fascinating tale to tell….. to continue Reading 

Visit Scotland


From London 3 Day Edinburgh, Loch Ness and Highlands

Tours from Edinburgh and Glasgow

3 Day Loch Ness, Highlands and Isle of Skye

Other useful links:

Avoid the queues – Edinburgh Castle Tickets

Edinburgh Day Trip by Rail

Edinburgh Overnight by Rail

Edinburgh Hop on Hop off Bus

Edinburgh Royal Yacht Britannia

Edinburgh Ghost Bus Tour

3 Day Historic Scotland Explorer Pass 

Best Value Tours

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