Winston Churchill Blitz Bunkers Opens Today

Winston Churchill Blitz Bunkers Opens Today

For those interested in second world war history and war time London this is a new fascinating attraction that opens to the public today.

A  Tube station where Winston Churchill secretly took refuge during the Blitz is one of a number of hidden London Underground sites set to be opened to the public.
Down Street in Mayfair was from 1907 to 1932 Down Street Tube Station. By the time of the Blitz 1940/1 it was disused and became a Blitz shelter for a reluctant Winston Churchill and his staff to shelter from the bombardment. Indeed some of his staff lived there.

He often slept down there, worked and had meetings and even on one occasion had caviar and vintage champagne.

Hidden London launch

A visitor descends the steps of Down Street disused underground station in Mayfair picture courtesy of Daily Mail On-Line

From today the London Transport Museum will be conducting guided tours of the site and they said; “As well as an unexpected history and images that help them understand what this space would have looked like, it’s the sense of place that visitors will get more than anything. You can’t get a sense of what it would have been like to live and work here without having been here. This is the same of any of the Hidden London tours. The magic is going to the place and seeing it first hand.”

Here is some more information about the London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

One of the lesser known of London museums, the London Transport Museum is great value and a fascinating visit.

London transport museumn

Picture courtesy of The London Transport Museum

Down Street Tour by London Transport Museum

Get an intimate peek into one of London’s most intriguing hidden spaces. Located in Mayfair between Hyde Park Corner and Green Park stations, Down Street had a short life as a working station from 1907 to 1932, but became critical to winning the Second World War when covertly transformed into the Railway Executive Committee’s bomb-proof bunker.

Experience the warren of narrow tunnels where the nation’s railways were coordinated and Prime Minister Winston Churchill took refuge secretly at the height of the Blitz.

For further reading and tickets see Down Street on the official London Transport Museum site.

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