Do any tours still run to Hampton Court?

Do any tours still run to Hampton Court?

This is a question we are often asked and the answer sadly is not many, indeed we only know of one that visits this magnificent Tudor Palace and please see below for further details and also another way to get to Hampton Court if no tour dates work for you.

Hampton Court Palace

The first tenant we know much about was the courtier Giles Daubeney, who took out a lease on the property in 1494. Daubeney was on the way up (he became Lord Chamberlain to King Henry VII the following year), and needed a house close to London.

The area around Hampton was also becoming more popular with the royal family as Henry VII set about rebuilding the royal lodgings at Sheen as Richmond Palace.

Daubeney’s choice of Hampton Court was rewarded by a series of visits from the royal family. Henry VII and his queen stayed there on a number of occasions and seem to have particularly favoured Daubeney’s country residence as a peaceful retreat away from their London homes at Westminster and the Tower of London.

Little is known about Daubeney’s Hampton Court, but the value of the property increased considerably during his short tenure (he died in 1508). But any improvements Daubeney made were quickly eclipsed by the ambitions of Hampton Court’s next occupant, Thomas Wolsey…… extract from the official Hampton Court website

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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace and its fabulous grounds parks and flowers

Another way to visit 

Whilst tours are very limited there is good news as Hampton Court is just a 36 min train journey from London Waterloo and once there you just cross the bridge and you will be at the Palace Gates. You will also find below a link for advanced tickets which is always a good idea to avoid queues when there.

Here is the link for National Rail Enquiries where you will find all the information you need, please do note though, be careful to pick the train that does not require a change of trains, you want the 0 changes direct train.

Here is the Tour we found:

Hampton Court and Windsor Tour

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