Touring Scotland Train v Plane

On any trip to Great Britain an absolutely not too be missed corner is magnificent Scotland. Steeped in history; its boast a glorious ancient capital Edinburgh, beautiful Loch and Glens, the stunning Highlands and an array of enchanting Islands.

Scotland is one of the most visited parts of the UK and a question we are always asked is am I better taking an all inclusive tour from London by train, or better off making my own way to Edinburgh or Glasgow by plane or train and commencing a tour from one of those locations. Well the simple answer is both have attractive features.

Dornie, view of the castle, Eilean Donan Castle

 Eilean Donan Castle


For those where time is no object, then the leisurely train journey is charming and scenic, or alternatively there is the overnight sleeper option where you can enjoy dinner and a great nights sleep.


Flights from London only take about an hour and less from regional airports so this is a quick and easy way to reach Scotland and is often cheaper than the train.

Overnight in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Both

Certainly it is well worth a day and overnight stay in both these magnificent historic cities.

3 Day Tour from London

There are excellent 3 day tours from London including train, Edinburgh and a trip to the highlands, plus all accommodation, please see blow a great example.

Day or 2 to 28 day extended tours from Edinburgh and Glasgow

Very popular is the 3 day option from Edinburgh or Glasgow to Loch Ness, the Highlands and the amazing Isle of Skye (please find link below), or you can choose to take extra days exploring the rest of Scotland, islands and famous Whiskey Tours.

Edinburgh Castle3

Looking up the hill at Edinburgh Castle

Further information – Official Scotland Tourist Board

Discover Scotland

From magnificent city landmarks to mysterious ruins, Scotland is renowned for its iconic castles. Whether you are looking to explore the largest in the country, follow a regional trail or seek out those hidden gems, there is plenty of history to uncover as each castle has a fascinating tale to tell….. to continue Reading 

Visit Scotland


From London 3 Day Edinburgh, Loch Ness and Highlands

Tours from Edinburgh and Glasgow

3 Day Loch Ness, Highlands and Isle of Skye

Other useful links:

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Edinburgh Overnight by Rail

Edinburgh Hop on Hop off Bus

Edinburgh Royal Yacht Britannia

Edinburgh Ghost Bus Tour

3 Day Historic Scotland Explorer Pass 

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