Brazil Argentina and Peru

I love the idea of visiting South America and particularly want to see Brazil, Argentina and Peru however is there a way I can do this at a good standard, with good safe food and most of all that I am safe when out and about, but still seeing all the best places?

This is a commonly asked question, particularly when visiting this or other similar regions and be assured there is a great way to do this, that is very safe and pretty much door to door luxury.

This is by an escorted tour, run by local hand-picked experts

We have found a great option and have posted the details below.

Some information about these destinations:


A trip of a lifetime starts long before you board that plane. You need to prepare for it, plan every detail, choose the best routes, check out all the spots that you want to see on the map. There’s a lot to learn and prepare for if you want to dive into a new culture. Come and enjoy the amazing experience that is getting to know Brazil! We provide you with all the right tools to help you with your journey. So if you don’t want to get lost while experiencing these unforgettable moments, check out our tools. Here we have all the information to help you plan your trip, from the itinerary to the post-journey. You will also find out how you can share your experiences with your friends and bring them a little bit of the colors, sights, sounds and flavors of this amazing Brazil

For more information see the official tourist information site – Brazil


At landscapes with infinite color shades, proposals to live nature with all the adrenaline. Ideal rivers for rafting, kayak and aquatic ski fans. Peaks –the highest in America- that challenge the most experimented climbers. Deep blue skies for paragliding. Dams and lakes inviting to windsurf, kitesurf and gliding. Under the water, borderless diving: for both experts and amateurs. On the glacier ice, dreamy walks. Extreme trekking at Patagonian Parks. Between the hills, on river and lagoon shores and among palm trees, ideal pathways to explore. In the jungle, nautical adventures. In the mountain, ideal roads to explore on mountain bikes. At the plateau and among the woods, horseback riding accompanied by gauchos.

For more information see the official tourist information site – Argentina


Peru is the land of the Incas, an incredible civilization that learned how to tame its geography and live in harmony with the rivers, the Sun, the rain, the ocean, the mountains and the cold dryness of the Andes, adapting to their surroundings and surviving thanks to Mother Earth’s gifts

For more information see the official tourist information site – Peru

Here is the tour we recommend

16 Day Amazon Brazil Argentina and Peru

We found this and many thanks to them at

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