Looking for a Mediterranean tour that’s sees more of countries than just the beach

Looking for a Mediterranean tour that’s sees more of countries than just the beach

The certainly is a lot more to see in countries like Spain for example than just the beach, English bar and all day breakfast and we are often asked to help with tours that see ‘the real’ country, with local culture and cuisine

We have found a great tour and this is posted below

First here is some more information on visiting Spain


If you are thinking of a cultural trip in Spain, then take note. The Medieval Towns and Villages Route goes from the Basque Country to Extremadura. Here you have the chance to explore Spain from the very shores of the Cantabrian Sea to beautiful rural, inland areas, and to enjoy the country’s natural and cultural diversity. All along the way there are towns and villages with stunning heritage and monuments, perfectly conserved over the centuries. You will love their medieval atmosphere

The full route comprises nine stages. You can do it all or choose the stages that interest you most. The route is ideal to follow by car, and the destinations along the way are well worth visiting. They all have shared history which can be seen clearly in their streets, packed with medieval palaces, churches, monasteries and castles. Nevertheless, each one has its own personality and attractions. You’ll notice this as soon as the journey starts

Mediaeval Tows of Spain

Mediaeval Tows of Spain







You can get underway in the Basque Country, in Hondarribia (Guipúzcoa province), right on the Basque coast. Amongst other things, you will love its maritime atmosphere, its nearby beaches and its internationally-renowned gastronomy. In the same Region, now inland in the province of Álava, you will find Laguardia. Make a stop to stroll around its old town and sample the local wine with the internationally prestigious Rioja Alavesa Designation of Origin. Just 60 kilometres away, another vital stop is in Estella or Lizarra

At this town in Navarre you will probably come across pilgrims, alone or in groups, with rucksacks on their backs. Don’t be surprised. The Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route runs through here. It is the first European cultural route and also has the UNESCO World Heritage designation. Barely 100 kilometres further on, close to the Pyrenees, in the province of Zaragoza, it is well worth making a visit to the historic monuments of Sos del Rey Católico

For further reading visit this page on the Official Tourism site for Spain

Here is the tour we found for you:

Best of Spain, Portugal and Morocco in 16 Days

We found this and many thanks to them at Best Value Tours

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