Looking for an extended tour of the Scottish Highlands and that include an island

Looking for an extended tour of the Scottish Highlands and that include an island

This is a question we are often asked to help with as whilst there seems to be plenty of 3 day Loch Ness, Scottish Highland and Isle of Skye tours, there a very few that also included the stunning Far North

Well we have found an outstanding small group tour and posted details below

Here is some more information on this lessor known and a bit unfairly overlooked, gem at the North West Corner of Scotland


Orkney has so much to explore that a two-week visit is not usually long enough.

In fact there are so many interesting places to explore, you may have to move here and devote a lifetime to this hobby.  Tourism is a major industry in Orkney and the islands are well geared up for visitors.  On leaving, many visitors say they had no idea there was so much to do and they will have to come back to do some of the things they missed.



Historic attractions feature highly on the to-do list including the magnificent St Magnus Cathedral, 5000-year-old Skara Brae and the diving wrecks below the waters of Scapa Flow. Whether you take a drive, a bike ride, a tour or a walk, there is a pace and place to suit everyone.

For further reading carry on at Visit Orkney the official tourist site

Here is the tour we found you:

Small Group Scotland’s Orkney Island and North Coast 5 Day Tour

We found this and many thanks to them at Best Value Tours


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