Looking for a good value, Luxury multi-day tour of Britain

Looking for a good value, Luxury multi-day tour of Britain

There are good options for First Class tours that are still good value and tend to include a lot of extras. The use full size coaches, but have much less seats on board (max 40) and this gives extended leg room, on-board WiFi, fine dinning and high standard accommodation

We found a good example of one of these, which includes a night in Cardiff which is an often requested destination, but is not often found on itineraries

Here is some more information on Cardiff

Cardiff is a city proud of its culture, history and language which has undergone a fascinating journey over the last 2000 years. Discover Cardiff’s progress from a small settlement, to the world’s busiest port, to the modern capital city it is today. Learn about Cardiff Bay, its history and its future as well as what’s on offer now.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle










To enhance your taste of Wales, visit our Instant Welsh lesson page. Here you’ll find a quick introduction to the Welsh language as well as where you can go to learn more

The links provided take you to the official Visit-Cardiff site and please visit there to continue reading

Here is the tour we found for you:

Great Value First Class 5 Day Best of Britain Tour

We found this and many thanks to them at Best Value Tours

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