Concierge Questions – is there a tour to Harry Potters Hogwarts?

This is a question we are often asked and the great news is there is a tour we found that visits.

Please see below.

The most common confusion for people wanting to visit is; what are they looking for and where is it?

Well the answer is Hogwarts is actually Alnwick Castle in the beautiful Northumberland area of North East England.

Hogwarts – Filmed at Alnwick Castle

This is some way from London and the easiest way to tour there is from Edinburgh, which is very comfortably reached by train from London and well worth an overnight visit.

Here is some more reliable information from official tourism and local government sites

Alnwick Castle


Visit Scotland


Northumberland National Park


Railway Information


We found this great tour, departing Edinburgh that visits Alnwick

Harry Potters Hogwarts Alnwick Castle Berwick and Scottish Borders


A day spent in the Borderlands of Scotland and England. Our tour follows the ancient Roman Dere Street that connected Scottish Caledonia with Roman Britannia through the Scottish Borders

Stopping at Melrose, home to the remains of the Cistercian Abbey and the burial place of the heart of Scottish King Robert the Bruce who lived and fought in the area that we are travelling through today Continuing South we cross the border and travel onto imposing Alnwick Castle, one of the great castles of Northumberland that has stood for nearly a millenium

Northumberland National Park

Originally built to protect the north of England from Scottish border reivers and invaders, more recently Alnwick Castle and its perfectly manicured gardens have found fame as one of the settings for the fictional Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter movie series After almost 3 hours to explore Alnwick Castle we head towards the ancient gateway town of Berwick upon Tweed, a strategic walled town at the estuary of the River Tweed, that has swung between Scottish and English control over many centuries There is time to explore the city walls or visit the Georgian army barracks before returning to Edinburgh along the rugged coast of Berwickshire and East Lothian

Adult Prices from £35 to £40

Discount Prices £32 to- £37

Filming at Alnwick

Your day includes time in Melrose to visit the historic Cistercian Abbey, burial place of Robert the Bruce’s heart brought back from the crusades in Moorish Spain and the best of the Scottish Borders and Northumberlan

Cross the border at Coldstream and enjoy lunch and the afternoon at Alnwick Castle and Gardens, scene of Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter’s first 2 movies, before returning to Edinburgh along the dramatic east coast of Berwickshire and East Lothian, stopping at the ancient walled town of Berwick upon Tweed

We found this and many thanks to them, at

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