Concierge Tips – What the Difference between a Budget and Full Price Tour

This is an often asked question that sometimes creates confusion, when in reality the answer is very simple and forms two parts:

The budget tour may not include all entrance costs at attractions.

Generally the Full Price Tour will include the services of a Professional, often Qualified    ‘Blue Badge’ expert guide. The Budget a Tour Manager


What’s does this mean to you as the customer?

Well let’s break it down:

Entrances Fees Included or Not:

It maybe that you have visited a place before, say Windsor for example and not wish to spend your time going round the castle and instead prefer to spend the time there exploring the Town and other places you have not seen previously.

An alternate outside view of Windsor castle instead of going around

The other common reason not to have entrance costs included, are when a person maybe finds walking difficult and want to see the town and in this example Castle from the outside but does not have the capacity to walk around in full.

In either of these situations, it is a waste of money including entrances.

Expert Guide

This really boils down to personal preference, some people will want an expert guide that goes into great detail, others may prefer a tour manager who is perfectly competent but not lecture standard expert.

Also at most main sites in the UK, audio guides are available and this can be a good cost saving opposed to paying the extra for an expert guide.

More information on ‘Blue badge Guides’:

We are the national membership association for Blue Badge Tourist Guides throughout Britain.

Blue Badge Tourist Guides make a good experience great.  Entertaining, reliable and professional with the knowledge and expertise to bring your visit to life.

For more information see the official Blue Badge site –

We have found this great value tour that is a good example of the Expert v Tour Manager decision.

It includes all entrances costs but not an expert guide.

Great for families on a low budget or students.

Small Group Budget Oxford Stratford and Cotswold’s Villages

Take our Oxford, Stratford & Cotswolds Villages tour and experience some of the most famous tourist attractions in England, learn and experience the history of Oxford, Stratford and the Bard himself, Shakespeare, as you visit his birthplace

Enjoy a walking tour of the ancient streets of the University City of Oxford, a scenic drive of the Cotswolds, an area of outstanding natural and man made beauty and a visit to Ann Hathaway’s Cottage (Entrance included) in Stratford all in one day

About Oxford Well known as it is, Oxford never fails to impress even its most regular visitors with something different or something new Oxford, The City of Dreaming Spires, is famous the world over for its University and place in history. For over 800 years it has been a home to royalty and scholars

Since the 9th century it’s been an established town, although people are known to have lived in the area for thousands of years. Nowadays, the city is a bustling cosmopolitan town. Still with its ancient University, but home also to a growing hi-tech community

About The Cotswolds The Cotswolds is an area of England about the size of greater Tokyo. Popular with both the English themselves and visitors from all over the world. The Cotswolds are well known for gentle hillsides (“wolds”), sleepy villages and for being so ‘typically English’

Stunning Cotswold’s

There are famous cities such as Bath, well-known beautiful towns like Cheltenham and hundreds of delightful villages such as Burford and Castle Combe. Above all, the local honey-coloured limestone which is used for everything from the stone floors in the houses to the tiles on the roof, has ensured that the area has a magical uniformity of architecture.

About Shakespeare’s Stratford Stratford is one of England’s most historic and vibrant towns and the birthplace of the famous bard, William Shakespeare. When he retired from writing in 1611 he returned to Stratford to live in a house which he had built for his family

His only son, Hamnet died when still a child. He also lost a daughter Judith (twin to Hamnet), but his third child Susanna married a Stratford Doctor, John Hall and their home “Hall’s Croft” is today preserved as one of the Shakespeare Properties and administered by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

In 1616 Shakespeare was buried in the Church of the Holy Trinity, the same Church where he was baptised in 1564. Tradition has it that he died after an evening’s drinking with some of his theatre friends. His gravestone bears the words

We found this and thanks to them, at

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