Concierge Question; are there any tours that go to Downton Abbey?

The answer up to this year was no, however great news – at last launching from Easter 2013 is a brand new tour that includes Highclere Castle home of Downton Abbey and Christchurch Oxford, home of Harry Potters Hogwart’s Great Hall.

Filming Downton Abbey

Longstanding friend of the Carnarvon family, Julian Fellowes had Highclere Castle in mind as he wrote Downton Abbey. He often commented he wanted a house which spectacularly testified to the confidence and soaring optimism of the Edwardian period.

Magnificent Highclere Castle

The success of Downton Abbey took everyone by surprise from the first nervous apprehension whether anyone would like the first episode or stay with it for the second or third… the series has become a phenomenon with appreciative viewers all around the world.

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Filming Downton Abbey

Some History of Highclere

Highclere Castle was once the home of the 5th Earl of Carnavon, famous for his excavations in the Valley of the Kings with Howard Carter in 1922. Many Egyptian artefacts are housed in a permanent exhibition in the basement; however the interiors and furnishings of Highclere Castle reflect the influence of successive generations of the family since the early 18th century.

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Highclere Castle History

And here is the brand new Easter 2013 tour we have found and well done to them for launching this at last

Brand New Highclere Castle home of Downton Abbey and Oxford

Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, boasts one of the world’s greatest – and oldest – universities, as well as some of the finest architecture in Europe

The colleges themselves, which make up the university, are amongst the architectural highlights, their ivy-clad stone walls protecting beautiful chapels, halls and libraries. We enjoy a unique tour which journeys through the heart of this ancient building before we head to the college’s spectacular dining hall, chosen as a key location in the Harry Potter films

Harry Potter Great Hall

Our tour allows us to access parts of the hall usually out of bounds to the public. We will also linger by the open fire as your guide reveals anecdotes about the movie and the remarkable links of Christchurch with the Alice in Wonderland stories

After the tour of Christchurch, there is time to wander through the ancient streets of Oxford with your tour guide. Why not try out a pub lunch at one of the many famous inn’s of Oxford

Our trip to Oxford promises an unforgettable experience for young and old alike

After lunch we head for Highclere Castle made famous by the Downton Abbey TV series

Built by Sir Charles Berry who also built the houses of Parliament, this is the countryseat of the Earls of Carnarvon. The tour of the Castle’s public rooms includes the magnificent public main hall, the library and sitting rooms in addition to other rooms featured in Downton Abbey

Why not spend some time enjoying the enjoying the parklands created by Lancelot “Capability” Brown who also designed the grounds of Blenheim Palace or indulge yourself with tea and cake at one of the tea rooms once you have finished touring the Castle

Departing Highclere Castle we head back to London and arrive back at approximately 6.30pm

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