Concierge Tips – Negotiating the Olympic Lanes Network

The Olympic Route Network (ORN) is a network of roads linking all competition venues and other key sites, such as Heathrow Airport. It’s a key part of London’s Host City contract for the Games and will ensure that athletes and officials get to events on time. It will also help keep London moving and road works will be suspended on key roads to keep traffic flowing. Normal traffic can use the vast majority of the ORN, although there will be temporary changes such as:

  • Suspended turns
  • Stopping and loading restrictions
  • Traffic signal timing alterations


The Paralympic Route Network (PRN) will operate on a smaller scale during the Paralympic Games.

The searchable tool shows information on each day of the Games and allows you to easily find changes that apply to drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and bus passengers.

Some lanes on ORN/PRN roads will be reserved for accredited Games vehicles and on-call emergency vehicles. Games Lanes will be in place on around one-third of the network and will be:

Clearly Signed

  • Operational for specific times each day – most Lanes will operate between 06:00-midnight but this will vary in some cases. Check the times of operation on the roadside signs
  • Often located on the off-side of multi-lane roads to minimise disruption. In these cases, normal traffic will be able to use the adjacent lane(s) as usual

The lanes will generally be very busy with Games traffic. However, they will be open to all traffic when they are less busy, A network of 150 electronic signs along the network will advise motorists when the lanes can be used.

Implementing the changes

The temporary road changes needed for the ORN will be made in the weeks leading up to the Games.

The ORN will then operate between 25 July and 14 August. Some stretches of the network relate to particular venues and will be removed once they are no longer needed. The section serving Wimbledon, for example, will be removed as soon as possible after the Tennis competition ends on 5 August.

The PRN will come into effect on 27 August and will be removed as soon as possible following the end of the Paralympic Games on 9 September, allowing time for departures.

As some Games events take place on ORN/PRN roads, athletes and officials will use alternative routes to get around London. There will be some temporary traffic changes on these routes, although they will have less impact than those on the ORN and will only apply on road event days.

Make sure that you check the roadside signage along the ORN and PRN to understand the changes that apply on different days.

If you drive, changes to parking, loading and stopping restrictions along the ORN/PRN mean you may not be able to use or stop on some of your usual roads, lanes or turns. To keep traffic moving on the ORN/PRN, vehicles using suspended parking or loading bays will be towed or receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

You should plan all your journeys carefully to avoid being towed, receiving a fine or encountering congestion

Some of central London’s most iconic locations and streets will be transformed into Olympic sporting and cultural venues. Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to flock to the area to take advantage of all that’s on offer. There will be daily changes to the way roads can be used and drivers, pedestrians and cyclists will have to change the way they travel in around the area stretching from Trafalgar Square, through Victoria Embankment and Hyde Park Corner, to Marble Arch.

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