Concierge Tips – Best Ways to Protect Your Phone on Holiday

New research reveals that 40 per cent of mobile replacement claims are made in July and August. Here’s top five tips on how to keep Your mob safe and sound on summer holiday

Ibiza, Magaluf, Malia or Napa, wherever the Club 18-30s are, there’s bound to be fun and chaos. Too much at times it seems as Geek Squad, the technology support partner of, has revealed July and August are bumper months for mobile replacement claims due to careless 18-30 year-olds damaging their handsets on holiday.

According to the research, 40 per cent of all claims during these peak summer months are attributed to hedonistic young travellers, with young women proving most careless.

While 36 per cent of summer claims are blamed on theft and loss, more than half of all claims are the result of “sun, sea and sand” damage. Data andinsights collated at Geek Squad’s support centre in the West Midlands point towards impractical beachwear being a major cause. With most bikinis and speedos lacking pockets, smart phones spend more time in the open air at the mercy of the summer elements.

Hollie Brown, an agent from Geek Squad, said: “For many people, their is as an essential piece of their beach kit as their bikini. Many of us don’t even bother taking a camera on holiday anymore because we prefer to use a smart phone instead.

“While a phone can be pretty resilient, we urge holidaymakers to think before it sinks in the pool this summer – after all, to protect your phone only as much as a mojito.”

“While a phone can be pretty resilient, we urge holidaymakers to think before it sinks in the pool this summer – after all, to protect your phone only costs as much as a mojito.”
Here’s Hollie Brown’s top five tips to protect your phone during your summer holiday:1. Invest in a screen protector

To keep the worst the beach has to offer at bay and indulge your chronic Facebook addiction, invest in a screen protector or live to regret the consequences.

2. Grab a case for your smartphone while you’re at it

This won’t help much if your smartphone takes a into the swimming pool but it will come in handy in the event you drop your precious mobile or anystray splashes get sprayed in its direction.

3. Data roaming

Remember to turn your data roaming off, unless you want a sky high bill. Use free Wi-Fi hotspots if you want to check your email without paying through the nose for it.

4. Download a tracker app in case your phone gets stolen

Thankfully, it’s now possible to track your handset using some magic app-related technology. Apple’s free Find My iPhone download does exactly what it says on the tin, and the same goes for Where’s My Droid for Google-powered handsets.

5. Consider shelling out on some Insurance

Before your handset takes a long and terminal drink of that third mojito you ordered, it’s worth having a think about taking the plunge on an insurance package. Most policies will include some sort of overseas protection, so if you do decide to spare a few pounds per month in case the very worst happens you needn’t spend your holiday in a state of phone-related terror.

For help and advice on your latest technology visit to find your nearest Geek Squad Agent to resolve your tech frustration.

Source – Shabana Adam @Shabana_FAM 

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